“They feel like they have a connection with him even though they don’t know him.” ~ The McPherson School, KS

Marius Gherovici

You can easily download and print Marius's biography here (pdf)

Marius Gherovici was born in 1927 in Bucharest, Romania. His mother was a dentist and his father was a physician. He had a sister, five years older than him, and a black Great Dane named Pick.

Marius became aware of the crude reality of war at age 14 when on June 24, 1941 a low-flying plane started shooting at him. Then the Romanian collaborators, with the support from the German SS units, swiftly and systematically murdered several thousand Jewish people. His family was lucky to survive this pogrom.

Days later, under Nazi orders, the Romanians formed the Chisinau ghetto. Without medications or equipment, his father and two other doctors organized a rudimentary hospital in the ghetto where Marius also worked.

In order to increase the chances of survival, the family decided to split. His father and sister bribed the Nazi guards and escaped the Chisinau ghetto reaching Bucharest, Romania in 1942. Sometime later, Marius and his mother also fled the ghetto and went to live in hiding in Moldova.

In early 1944, while the German army retreated, Marius and his mother were able to cross the border back to Romania, at the Pruth river and then eventually to Bucharest. The family was finally reunited in March 1944. At the end of August 1944, the Russian Army entered Bucharest, liberating those who were alive.

Until the end of 1947, Marius Gherovici lived in Bucharest where he finished his studies. In 1948 he left and arrived to Argentina by way of Italy, Brazil, and Paraguay. He settled in Buenos Aires, where he worked, got married, and had two children. In 1999, he moved to Philadelphia with his wife to be with his two children.