“They feel like they have a connection with him even though they don’t know him.” ~ The McPherson School, KS

Larry Buchsbaum

You can easily download and print Larry's biography here (pdf)

Larry Buchsbaum was born in Yugoslavia, the youngest of three boys in a middle class Jewish family. In 1941, Yugoslavia was invaded by Nazi Germany and it’s allies, and his hometown of Novi Sad came under Hungarian occupation. His family was fortunate to have survived a pogrom (a search and destroy operation) by the Hungarian occupiers in 1942, when 800 Jewish men, women and children, out of a Jewish population of 3000, were murdered and their bodies floated downstream in the nearby Danube River. After this event his family moved to Budapest, the
capital of Hungary, hoping to have there a better chance for survival.
In 1944 during the final stages of the destruction of Hungarian Jewry, with the help of his oldest brother, he escaped from the designated so called “Jewish House”, and with nothing but a piece of paper, assumed a new identity to impersonate a 15 year old homeless, abandoned, gentile, not Jewish, street child. With skills and courage, he was fortunate to not only survive, but also assist in the survival of his entire immediate family.
Having survived the Second World War, Larry and his family emigrated from his native Yugoslavia to Israel in1948. He served two years in the Israeli Army Ordnance Corps during and following the 1948-1949 War of Independence, and subsequently five years in the Israeli Merchant Marine as a Senior Communications Officer.
He is a graduate of Columbia University School of Engineering with a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, and holds a Masters Degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. His industry work centered on technical projects for the United States Navy. Subsequently, until his retirement, he was a Civil Service employee of the U.S. Navy and served as Associate Director of the Concepts Analysis Department at the Naval Air Warfare Center in Warminster, Pennsylvania.
Larry and his wife Rosalyn have three married daughters and twelve grandchildren.